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Igor’s passion for dance music began on the production side of the dance floor. Originating from Eastern Europe, this experienced computer programmer brings a fresh new flavor to the progressive dance music scene. His first impressions of the scene were forged by the sounds of System F (Ferry Corsten) and Armin Van Buuren. Although once known as a trancaholic Igor has now shifted his interest to the alternative house styles of tribal and progressive. With the information technology sector accelerating at an alarming rate Igor’s personal and professional interest in computers has allowed him to become fluent in some of today’s most complex music production programs. Ableton Live, Reason, Pro Tools, Traktor 3 and various hardware components by Novation and Roland are just some of the devices that Igor has added to his programs of expertise.

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Live with PIP

LIVE with PIP OBSESSED RADIO’s Live Broadcast EVERY WEDNESDAY from 9-11pm EST.


A live, 2-3 hours variety style show filled with humour and relevance to the Electronic Life Style. Hot House Topics, Obsessed Culture, Health Issues, and Perspectives from the Underground. A local flavour spotlighting musical producers/dj’s and artists on this " Chat-n-Play"  variety show with hosts PIP and Igor.  PIP leads the chat with the latest on her mind and induces Igor (the sound tech behind all buttons, programs, servers and studio equipment) and  Guest(s) into verbal submission. After the chat the guest(s) is invited to play a live set.

Hosts PIP and IGOR came together outside of the house club scene realm – highly unusual considering their passion for making music and for the love of electronic music – house, tribal, trance, nu disco, progressive and of course old school Chicago. It was a chilly Canadian night at a mutual friend's place when the pair came face to face. In the car ride on the way to the club Igor asked PIP what she did. Her answer. " I make music". It was history from there.

Engineers + Producers + Music Enthusiasts+ Artists = PIP and Igor

They combined efforts in early 2010 and had been bringing you - a place to expose their passion for House Music, a place in which to introduce and share the music that runs through their veins and touches their souls. House Music. A place to expose the underground. A place to meet the person behind the music not just the sound.

The WEEKLY 3 SOME - every WEDNESDAY from 9-11pm.

Show Guests:




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PERSPECTIVES - Who's job is it anyway?

Under A White and Red Sky: U2 Tour Reaches New Heights In Poland

Are you a DJ and feel you are being hi-jacked for more than your musical talents by employers?  Do your employers consist of bar owners, restaurant owners and club owners? Do you feel your employers add hidden duties onto your list of responsibilities and garnish your pay when you don’t deliver? If you do it must mean you are a DJ in Toronto, Canada.

Yes it is a sad state of affairs when the establishments that employ DJ’s for your talent as an environmental vibe master (aka DJ) and refuse to cough up your pay when their cash registers at the end of the night do not meet their unwarranted expectations. Those expectations are often over estimated considering the lack of effort the establishment has actually put into filling their place and beefing up their sales. This act is called PROMOTION for those who don’t know.  Promotion and Marketing is a skilled field and requires employment of a professional to ensure delivery of positive results. (*A professional is a member of a vocation founded upon specialized educational training. Wikipedia). The duties of promoting an establishment do not lie within the hands of the DJ. The DJ’s duties are to simply play music and create an atmosphere that reflects the likings of the establishment and keep the dance floor bouncing. That also includes the ability to clear a dance floor at the right time to allow patrons to go to the bar and spend their money on drinks.

Toronto establishments are giving themselves a bad name in the house scene as bad employers. I urge you Toronto establishments to spend the money on promotional teams and not to rip the DJ off at the end of the night after they have played a 5-6 hour set and the job is done. Although many of the establishments pay cash it does not mean you have the right to treat your staff as Mexicans of the north. Pay your bills as promised. How would you like it if your patrons drank all night and at the end decided not to pay the tab because they didn’t like the music and there was no recourse for you to take?
And to the DJ’s, I urge you to be better business people and collectively decide which establishments are bad employers. Perhaps start a board, a union to protect your rights. I ask you which looser does a job and accepts not being paid after the job is done? Please don’t tell me it"s you!

Shame on you!

by P. Herrington

Love Parade Suicide July 24, 2010. Criminal charges to be laid
Criminal charges to be laid.

It is a sad day for the Electronic Music Scene. We have lost one of the world’s most popular celebrations of Techno Music THE LOVE PARADE. July 24 will be a day marked on every calendar with a black X from now on. Due to poor organization 10 people were tragically killed at this year’s event in Duisburg, Germany, a small town with a population of less then half a million.
The incident occurred in a pedestrian tunnel leading to the entrance of a former railway station where the site for the celebration was held. An estimated crowd of over 1.4 million held in an area that was 230 000 square meters filled the entranceway, the only entrance and exit way to the party.
Access to the event was closed due to over crowding. Police banned the entrance to new visitors, which angered people on the outside.
The venue was too small, emergency services were overwhelmed immediately by the situation.

There was one police per thousand revelers according to some estimates. The Love Parade required at least 4000-5000 police instead of a mere 1000 police.

The rush began when people thought the tunnel was a place to go to party. And at the same time others thought it a way to flee the site and any interaction with the police. Already present Partygoers were not informed of this happening in the tunnel and kept pouring in. There were no announcements and the event kept going to avoid mass hysteria.
However, panic began in the access tunnel where there were hundreds of thousands of people.

A stampede killed 19 people and injured over 500. 21 people are dead.

Love Parade organizer Rainer Schaller has confirmed that the long-running event will not run again, out of respect to the victims.

Authorities say criminal charges will be laid.

Our condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives.
******Hotline for concerned relatives: ++49  - (0) 203-94000**********

The Festival has been going on since 1989 in Germany.

Internationally, spin-off Love Parades have taken place in:

â–ª Sydney, Australia

â–ª Vienna, Austria

â–ª Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

â–ª Santiago, Chile

â–ª Leeds, England

â–ª Budapest, Hungary

â–ª Tel Aviv, Israel

â–ª Mexico City and Acapulco, Mexico

â–ª Oslo, Norway

â–ª Cape Town, South Africa

â–ª Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland

â–ª Caracas, Venezuela

â–ª Little Rock, Arkansas; and San Francisco, California, United State

by P.Herrington